Photography  Akos Major

Artist Statement

Artist Statement – Elizabeth von Isser

I am extremely nearsighted; a lifelong challenge that has proven to be a blessing. It has prepared me to view the world around me from a different perspective. As I look closely at my subject of choice, it turns into an abstraction of pure form, texture, depth and color.

I desire to draw other people into my macro view of the floral world and create in them a sense of wonder at the complexity and amazing variety that surrounds them, but is often overlooked. Artistically we draw people into a thought provoking and guttural response to a world full of pain, inequity, hatred and injustice – hoping to elicit a personal reaction that will compel people to action. While it’s true that art shouldn’t merely be a ‘pretty picture’ – it is just as important to be reminded that beauty, kindness, love and compassion are the ultimate solution – and can be found everywhere, if we look deeply enough.

My favorite subjects are flowers. Whether they are carefully grown and tended, nature ‘planted’ as a part of our native habitat or spring unexpectedly from the earth in the form of wildflowers or “weeds” – they represent a metaphor of human life itself: fragile but tenacious, beauty and form of infinite variety. They sprout, they grow, they wither, and they die. God’s creativity and love are on display in each and every one.

I enjoy living in Tucson, Arizona with my husband of 27 years. We are blessed by two grown sons who continue to fill us with gratitude.

Starting in January of 2016 I am pleased to announce that I now offer apparel with my artwork on it through the ShopVIDA website. In addition to this collaboration, I have been enjoying the art of jewelry metalsmithing. My collection of copper, brass & sterling silver jewelry is availalble for purchase. You can find links to both on the navigation pane of this website.